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Foundation Setup For Any Local Business

We are firm believers that being on the 1st page of Google does NOT necessarily mean you are receiving calls. There is more to obtaining real results than your URL featured above your competition. You have a very brief amount of time to impress and keep your visitors staying on your site and ultimately giving you a call. We provide a beautiful design that you will be proud of, setup calls to action, and develop content that will convert your visitors into actionable leads.

We also focus on the human, not just the technical aspect of your foundation to ensure maximum lead conversion once a visitor finds your business.

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Business Website Design

The design is the most important factor when setting up your local internet marketing campaigns. Our team specialises in building search engine optimised local business websites designed beautifully and for maximum conversions.

High Quality Content

Looking professional is only half the battle, you need to sound professional as well. At 3wise Digital, we ensure your local business looks and sounds better than the competition. We focus on providing relevant, rich content for search engines that attracts potential clients.

On-Page Optimisation

Our team takes care of the technical side of your website to ensure the site structure and layout are set up for optimal success.

Business Blog Design

We set your local business up with an SEO Blog for publishing blog posts to help increase awareness and professionalism, which result in better rankings. Our easy to use interface allows anyone, with any skill set, to publish local relevant content that search engines and your leads love.

Autoresponder Messages

Autoresponders are one of the most overlooked touch-points in local internet marketing. When a lead fills out a form on your local website, typically this is not the only one they are filling out. Firing over an automated message that is well designed and professionally written creates a positive user experience and separates you from your competition.

Email Marketing Design

Our local internet marketing systems are designed to drive in leads of all shapes and sizes. We educate our local business owners on the importance of email marketing and equip each business with professional email templates that can easily be used for promotional messages, announcements, blog posts, and events.


Local SEO For Any Business

Local SEO, much like traditional search engine optimisation, takes continuous manual efforts and dedication. However, local search engine optimisation adds a level of complexity and difficulty since you are literally validating your existence on a local level for every backlink and citation.

Search engines need to validate your local address and there is only one way to do that....match your address and website from high quality sources. By matching your business address to your website, this proves you are local and relevant for a 'local' search. Our team of expert local internet marketers know all the niche directories, niche backlinks and niche citations to ensure your business is the local authority!

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Google Business Profile, Yahoo Local & Bing Local Setup

Most local internet marketing companies go to every extent to ensure you do not own your listings. We ensure your local business is set up with your email address and optimised for your industry on Google, Yahoo and Bing. This means you own your Google My Business, Yahoo Local & Bing Local account whether you are still with us or not!

Local Citation Builder (Directory Listings)

A major strategy in ranking higher is to leverage inclusion; this validates the location and industry your business is in. We not only place your business in handpicked directories, we also place your local business in the ones that have been proven to increase your Google Places, Yahoo Local and Bing Local accounts.

Monthly Press, Blog Posts & Articles

Press Releases and Articles are some of the best high profile backlinks you can provide for your local business. Our team creates optimised, high-quality monthly press releases and articles to drive referral traffic and create the best type of backlinks to increase your local business placement on search engines.

High Profile Backlinks

Our team not only obtains your traditional backlinks through articles and press releases, we also obtain high profile backlinks from high domain authority sites and Wiki pages. We ensure you are outranking your competition with the use of high-quality, strategic article commenting.

GEO Target Marketing For Any Business

Local search engine optimisation results often take several months to reach true success. This is why our team "Jump Starts" your business using alternative outlets such as Google AdWords. Although roughly 20% of local searchers are clicking on these links within Google, with the right website, these clicks can easily be converted into customers.

We set up a sponsor link campaign that focuses only on clicks in your target town or city ensuring every potential customer is laser-focused on your business. We DO NOT charge per click for our Jump Start local PPC campaign, focusing our team to manage and deliver the highest quality campaign every time. All our local internet marketing campaigns include our GEO Target Marketing Jump Start.

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Pay-Per Click Without Paying Per Click

We include a local PPC campaign targeting exact searches in your local city. This means you are not charged per click as we invest a determined amount of time based on your industry and local market to "Jump Start" quality calls to your local business.

Professional PPC Campaign Set Up

We are experts in Pay Per Click and understand that not all ads and budgets are created equal. Because of this, we ensure your ad is built to maximize the lowest cost per click to bring your local business higher quality clicks and calls.

Powerful Call To Action

We work with you to determine the best possible call to action for your visitors. This produces more phone calls, more email leads, and higher conversion on sponsor links. This lowers cost per click and gives you more clicks during your "Jump Start" phase.

Target Keywords

Our team defines and targets the highest converting keywords for your industry. Unlike organic traffic, every click has a cost, so we perfect the keywords that are being searched to increase the volume of searchers who find your business.


Local Social Marketing For Any Business

Local Social Marketing is simply building a social base in your local market. Local business owners benefit from more conversions from social media by focusing efforts locally. Re-tweeting, re-posting and publishing unique local content that local readers want is the key to success. Our team focuses on delivering cost effective strategies to ensure your business is part of the social media community.

Social media presence is leveraged by local rankings and domain authority more and more every day. Without including a local social media marketing component, outranking your competition is much more difficult. Our team of content writers develop compelling content that your connections will love, turning social contacts into customers.

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Local Setup of Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

It is important to be set up correctly, but even more important to be set up locally in your town or city and with full owner rights. Our team will work with you to make sure you are the owner of your accounts and train you on those accounts.

Monthly Social Media Marketing

Our local internet marketing experts will maintain a monthly marketing campaign that includes publishing blog posts with the right format and tags, publishing industry news and events local to your market, promoting your social media links, and much more.

Powerful Blog Posts

Fresh content is the key to being King of local SEO; without it, it is very difficult to prove you are a local expert in your field to the social community. Our team generates high quality content such as tips and How To's. We leverage this content to validate your expertise in your local industry, building your domain authority.

Social Media Analytics

Tracking social media customers is important to understanding what is working and not working. Our management platform provides powerful reporting tools to see how many leads, likes, and follows are being generated from our social media marketing efforts.

ROI Tracking For Any Business

Spending money on advertising and not knowing your real return on investment can have several negative impacts. Often, business owners cancel marketing campaigns not realizing it was producing a healthy return on investment. Our platform includes end-to-end reporting so customers know what calls and leads are turning into actual customers.

We provide local phone tracking and recording because it is essential to knowing if our efforts are generating real, quality leads. Call-to-action leads are instantly emailed and stored in an easy-to-use prospect management system which displays how leads found your site, and includes the keyword(s) they searched. By simply logging into your account, you can instantly view call reports, search engine ranking reports, web analytic reports, and lead reports to determine their real return-on-investment.

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Local Phone Tracking & Recording

Phone call tracking can be a difficult thing to understand without the proper system in place. Our system not only tracks what number is calling, but also records the conversation so that at any time you can reference the quality of the lead and call response.

Lead Tracking

Our inbound marketing software alerts you with detailed email lead notifications immediately following a lead creation on your website. Business owners can then log in and manage leads by sending emails, setting up notes, and scheduling follow-up calls for that lead.

Search Engine Rankings

Our inbound marketing software provides reporting on where you currently rank on Google, Bing & Yahoo for major keywords. Although our campaigns provide various avenues that leads are generated from, the closer you are to the first page, the more traffic, calls and leads you will receive.

Web Analytics

Knowing how people are finding you is just as important as how deals are being closed for your local business. Our platform enables our local businesses to get a full 360 degree view as to where and how prospects found you and which ones turned into customers.

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