What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is the active targeting users while they’re on a mobile device and it’s typically used in conjunction with other marketing efforts. So, you want to think of it as multi-channel marketing and a good example would be if you were targeting a user on facebook with a lead gen opportunity, we might get them to come and download an e-book and then we’ll use that lead to then do things like marketing automation, nurturing of that lead when they’re on a different device. I’d say some of the major differences between desktop advertising and mobile advertising are first the setting that the users in when they’re viewing your content or advertisement. On mobile, of course they’re typically on the go or just scrolling through a social or blog feed.

On desktop, they’re typically at work and typically performing some research and they’re also typically slightly different personas of course on desktop people are typically a B2B customer and on mobile is typically a B2C customer, where it’s to consumer. So, you might find you know what works well, depending on who your customers are. You want to keep the users setting in mind they may not be ready to make a purchase but it might be a great opportunity to strengthen your brand with them you might want to just do some content marketing or just maybe give them some reasons why your brand is awesome. Videos typically work really well or infographics or blog posts tend to get a lot of engagement on mobile whereas it might be better opportunity to close a sale on a desktop. I’d say one of the most important things to keep in mind with mobile advertising or mobile marketing is to keep things as absolutely simple as possible because obviously on a phone we’re cruising through content or browsing really quickly and it needs to be both engaging and it extremely interesting or it’s just gonna be a waste of money.

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