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I'm Steve, an SEO Consultant who has been helping companies to get more business from Google.

All businesses need more customers, and that’s where I can help. I can assess how well your website is working, get you top rankings on the search engines and so help you get more customers.


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Step 1: I’ll analyse your website to ensure that it is in the best shape to compete with your competitors on the search engines.


Step 2: This is the stage where I’ll research what keyphrases are being searched for and how competitive they are to rank for.


Step 3: Once analysed, the keyphrases will be used in the optimisation of the website and a back-linking campaign.


Step 4: Each month the websites ranking progress will be monitored and changes implemented, as required.

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I'm ready, if you are.
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About Me

Hello! I’m Steve and I’ve been helping businesses to get customers from Google for over 19 years.

I know, I don’t look old enough but trust me I have seen it, been it and done it all in the SEO world.

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  • Web Design & Development
  • Article Writing & Videos

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